High quality agricultural products

Extra virgin sunflower oil, cake and other agricultural products

Organization of reliable cargo transportation

Transportation of agricultural products for export to Europe and Asia

About us

  • Our company is engaged in the export of grains and their processed products. Namely: Wheat, Corn, Barley, Meal, Oilcake, Bard - DDGS, Wheat or Rye bran.

  • The list of products exported by our company is very diverse and covers almost the entire range of grain crops and their processed products available today.

  • Since its foundation, our company has been growing rapidly, entering new markets every day, which gives our partners confidence in the stability of their business model. In our work, we rely on the principles of strict compliance with the law, high-quality customer satisfaction and ensuring the high quality of the products supplied.



Years of experience

Our products

Our products


The solid residue of oilseeds after the oil has been extracted from them. It is used as a component of animal and bird feed.


The basis of agricultural production. Grain and its derivatives have a wide range of uses: food, feed and technical.

Sunflower oil

A vegetable oil produced by pressing sunflower seeds and containing a high amount of saturated fatty acids that are beneficial for health.


Pellets for heating

Sunflower husk pellets, which have huge advantages over traditional fuels.

Logistics services

Logistics services

Organization of cargo transportation

We provide a full range of services for the organization of cargo transportation by road

All types of customs services

Dikvar&Sokwell Customs Agency provides all types of customs services in the EU for its customers, including consultations

Warehousing and customs services in Poland

Warehouse space and open areas for general cargo storage

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